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IMQ, Inc. is closing it's doors. This is what you need to know.

Sources share with us last evening that the company IMQ, Inc. is officially closing its doors. They have expressed that they will be fulfilling all currently accredited facilities up to the end of their current accredited cycle, but they will NOT be renewing any facility moving forward. They will also not accept any new applications effective immediately.

From what we learned, their CEO, Victoria Samper, and Melissa (the key individuals we deal with for accrediting surgery centers) have already left the company effective immediately. This news evidently stems from a change in the direction the the CMA, their parent company, wishes to go at this time.

A letter is to be mailed out to all currently accredited facilities Monday, the 18th of Nov. 2019. For any surgery center that is currently accredited by IMQ, Inc., it is very important that you realize in order for you not to have a gap of time whereby you are not accredited, you must act due diligently in ascertaining new accreditation from the three; AAAHC, AAAASF, or the Joint Commission.

It is highly advisable that you will want to contact us at least one year before your current accreditation expires in order for us to have you accredited by the newly chosen entity. With the increase in volume that will be pushed to these companies because of this information, we highly advise one year before your accreditation expires in order to have a smooth transition from IMQ to the chosen accrediting agency.

If you are in the time frame of it being less than one year before you expire, you are at great risk of having a lapse in your accreditation coverage. The best we can do is to work with the newly chosen entity to accredit you in order to get you processed and surveyed/inspected with the sense of urgency due to your coverage having expired. This would be the best we could do at this time, the entity may or may not be able to accommodate your sense of urgency. But, we would no doubt try our best to make this happen for you.

Contact Troy Lair for more information @ 323-603-8333 or by email at troy@consultants4accreditation.com

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