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Bylaws Language for Temp Privileges

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Compliance Doctor speaks of Bylaws Language for Surgery Centers

Bylaws language for granting temporary privileges in Joint Commission–accredited surgery centers: Temporary privileges may be granted by the ASC CEO or designee on recommendation of the medical staff president or designee in the following circumstances.

Patient Care Need: In the case of a circumstance in which privileges are required to fulfill a patient care need, temporary privileges may be granted upon written request of the practitioner. Such privileges are limited to 10 days. Prior to granting of such privileges, documentation of the patient care need will be obtained, as will verification of current licensure, current competency, and National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) information.

New Applicants: Upon receipt of a complete application (as described in section _______) for medical staff appointment, including a request for specific temporary privileges, an applicant may be granted temporary privileges for a period not to exceed 120 days while awaiting approval of the application. In order to be eligible for temporary privileges, there must be no evidence of current or previously successful challenge to licensure or registration; involuntary termination of medical staff membership at another organization; or involuntary limitation, reduction, denial, or loss of clinical privileges. Prior to granting temporary privileges, verification of the following must be obtained:

§ Current licensure

§ Relevant training or experience

§ Current competence

§ Ability to perform the privileges requested

§ Query and evaluation of the NPDB information

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