The Compliance Doctor can have your Hospice up and running in as little as six months as compared to the others that only promise a year turnaround!

The newest changes in the Federal Medicare Program now requires that the Hospice be separately licensed and ran afar and apart from a sister Home Health Agency, if you happen to own an HHA (home health agency).  Now instead of having one license to cover both HHA and Hospice, the State Department of Health Services issues two separated licenses unique to each business.  If you already have a license for both, then you are grandfathered into maintaining this however, if you jeopardize your license and it becomes de-activated, to renew it, you will have to obtain a separate and unique license for the hospice.

For HHAs and Hospices, we offer the following services:

• Assist in becoming ACHC,

START-UPS everything from A to Z in assistance to you, hand-holding you all along the way. 

REGULATORY/COMPLIANCE preparation for surveys, state licensing visits, and Medicare validation surveys or even financial audits of the same. 

We can develp and run a tight Quality Improvement PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT plan and program for your business.

We show you how to market without putting you in the danger zone with the federal government, legally securing you a patient base that needs home health and hospice. 

We can assist in the researching, locating, and negotiating with vendors that provide INFORMATION SYSTEMS. 

We can assist in HUMAN RESOURCES, the ad placement, recruitment, and internviewing of the candidates.  We can even hire and get them processed for you via the new hire packets that are a service mark of our firm. 

We can provide true LEADERSHIP and Business Direction based on competition, market share, and physician referrals. 


 Accreditation/Medicare Certification via Medicare Deem Status

​ • Provide turnkey programs for new home-care, hospice, or private duty divisions


• Maximize operational efficiencies without sacrificing quality

• Increase productivity of field, office and line management staff • Educate staff in Case Management

• Increase OBQI results by reaching clinical staff

• Transition to electronic records


• Prepare SMART Reports

• Analyze Monthly P&L’s and Financial Statements

• Develop Pro Formas

• Assure Compliant Billing Practices

• Tie operations, clinical and financial together to maximize reimbursement


• Exceed regulatory standards in a practical, efficient manner

• Perform pre and post surveys to assure compliance


• Develop and implement integrated, meaningful PI program

• Reach Top Box scores in customer satisfaction

• Enhance OBQI outcomes• Determine market specialization and strategic to increase market share

• Tie marketing plans to clinical and operations

• Develop branding strategies and plan for long-term market planning


• Implement operational processes for integrated software systems


• Educate field and office staff in user friendly manner to systems• Increase staff morale, recruitment and retention by engaging coworkers

• Develop preceptor and mentor programs• Implement and achieve objectives of strategic plan

• Train front line management staff





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Our Hospice Consultants have the experience that is necessary to have your hospice operational and profitable regardless of the size or number of patients it provides hospice care.  Our expert consultants can assist you at any point within your roadmap to success.

Troy L.