HME License and Home Medical Equipment Accreditation

If you own or wish to own a Home Medical Equipment Company, also known as HME, then you already are aware of the newest federal requirement of having to become Accredited to be able to submit claims to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid offices (CMS) for their reimbursements.


Our firm, The Compliance Doctor, is exactly what you need to secure your HME License and Accredited Status.  While using our consultants, we quickly enable you to roll out a program for the business that sees you through the difficult steps of becoming certified by the Federal Medicare Program.


A Home Medical Equipment License is required in most states.  Realizing that some if not most, of these home devices need a prescription for them to be ordered and then reimbursed.  Therefore, the state you reside in may very well require you to have a business license that is somewhat majorly different than a regular business license.  This license is often referred to as a Retail Home Medical Device License.  Retail Licenses require a more particular skilled individual to obtain this license.  None of this has any direct correlation to the fact that you still must be accredited to bill the Medicare program.  But often, a licensed Pharmacist (PIC: Pharmacist in Charge) or Pharmacist Exemptee Permit is required.  These regulations are often strategically placed under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Programs of the State and Federal Levels.  

Let The Compliance Doctor supply the home medical equipment consultation for you to be on the right path towards a medical career focusing on home medical equipment and care.

  • Accreditation and License Consultation for Home Medical Devices are things such as:

  • Adult Diapers

  • Chucks Pads

  • Catheters

  • Urinary Devices|Incontinence Assistive Items

  • Lancets

  • Glucometers

  • Garments

  • Abdominal Pads

  • Jackson Pratt Drainage Tube and bulb

  • etc...



Home medical equipment is so vital to the future success of every medical facility that you can't afford to wait for your HME license; call The Compliance Doctor as soon as you can. No other HME accreditation company will give you results as quickly and efficiently as The Compliance Doctor.

Home Medical Equipment Accreditation is the first and possibly the most crucial step in your medical career, so be sure to check out The Compliance Doctor immediately and see how easy it is to obtain your HME License (Home Medical Equipment License) thanks to our extensive yet affordable accreditation consultation.  Our fees are the same as they are for the DME Accreditation and Licensing. 


There are two packages, A & B.  A is $7500.00 and B is $2995.00  The contents of each package is outlined on the DME Page here 

Troy L.