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A state license is required to operate a CLHF in California, which is defined as: CLHF means a residential home with a capacity, of no more than 12


beds, except as provided in Sections 1250(i)(4)(A) & (B) of the Health and Safety (H&S) Code. CLHFs provide inpatient care, including the


following basic services: medical supervision, 24-hour skilled nursing and supportive care, pharmacy, dietary, social, and recreational.



Also, CLHFs shall provide at least one type of service specified in Sections 1250(i)(2)(A), (B), & (C) of the H&S Code. The primary need of


congregate living health facility residents shall be for availability of skilled nursing care on a recurring, intermittent, extended, or continuous


basis. This care is generally less intense than that provided in general acute care hospitals but more intense than that provided in skilled


nursing facilities (SNF).



Please NOTE the following:


1. CLHF standards are found in Section 1267.13 of the H&S Code. In addition to these standards, CLHFs are required to conform to the


California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 22, SNF regulations,except for those sections or portions of sections specified in Section


1267.13(n) of the H&S Code. (These requirements in subsection 1267.13(n) are so specific to SNFs; CLHFs were exempted from


compliance with these sections.)


2. Any requests for EXCEPTIONS to the REGULATIONS pursuant to Section 1267.13 of the H&S must submit the following:


a. Identify the standard for which the exception is sought;


b. State the rationale for the request, and;


c. Submit supportive documentation that demonstrates clearly that health, safety, and quality of care will not be compromised by the exception.


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