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I hired these folks to do my new surgery

center in Beverly Hills, CA. and I could not have not asked for a better service.  They saved me thousands!

Karen Shai, Beverly Hills Surgical Inst. 









"I remain amazed at just how good you are. People like you (and me, if I may) are not found every day. I want to thank you again from my innermost for being the great person you are. And, for getting the work done properly, professionallly and with more than a little bit of flack, inaction, and other adversities."  Sandy Rosenbluth and CDI 12/19

Compliance Doctor has5.0 star rating on customer satisfaction.


We are experts in accreditation, Medicare Certification, and State Licensures for all outpatient ambulatory type healthcare businesses.


Regardless of whether you are in need of initial accreditation, renewal accreditation, Medicare Certification, De-Certification of Medicare Designation as a provider, or looking to open a new healthcare business and need help in determining what is required based on the state the company resides in, WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU WHEREAS NO PROJECT IS TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL.

Our Health Care Consultants are more than eager to assist you in successfully reaching your goals in passing your upcoming survey.  We provide initial accreditation or re-accreditation services that can be customized to meet your individual needs regardless of the size of your organization or budget.


If you are in search of an Accreditation Consultant or Healthcare Accreditation Consultants, Our Accreditation Consultants are just what you need.  See what other clients think about us and our work!

Ambulatory health care is the term used to describe any health care that can be administered without the patient being admitted to the hospital. The term ambulatory applies to the patient being able to "walk" into the facility for services and able to "walk out."  Ambulatory can also be associated with the term outpatient, services that can be delivered without the patient being admitted to the acute care or inpatient care setting. Our accreditation consultants have the proven expertise to provide you with the answers and information needed during a health care accreditation survey.

Accreditation Consultants for Surgery Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Health Care Facilities, Health Care Centers, Home Health Agencies (HHA), Behavioral Health, Detox, Durable Medical Equipment Companies (DME or HME), Pharmacies, Radiology, MRI, CAT, Infusion Centers, PICC Line Centers, Sleep Medicine, Sleep Apnea, Staffing Registry, IDTF, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care Centers, Rural Health Clinic Designations, Congregate Living Facility, and More.

Our healthcare accreditation consultants offer the most affordable and practical accreditation consultation services available.   

Whether it’s DME Accreditation, ASC Accreditation, Sleep Medicine Accreditation, IDTF Certification, Rural Health Clinic Designation, Staffing Registry Joint Commission Accreditation, Medicare Certifications, Home Health Licensing/CHOW, OUR ACCREDITATION CONSULTANTS IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIRING,  Accreditation Consultants is what you're looking for in a consulting firm.

Please go to www.eliteaccreditation.org to visit our new website. Thank you.

Please go to www.eliteaccreditation.org to visit our new website. Thank you.

Please go to www.eliteaccreditation.org to visit our new website. Thank you.

Troy L.