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IDTF Accreditation Services  "Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility"

If you currently have an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility:

What THE COMPLIANCE DOCTOR, LLC can do for you:

  1. We'll review your practice and help determine if you should enroll as an IDTF.

  2. We'll review your IDTF enrollment to determine if you comply with all of the current performance standards.

  3. We show you how to augment your staff with qualified techs, supervisors, reading physicians and equipment.

  4. We provide you a comprehensive policy and procedures manual,  specific to your business and IDTF specialty procedures offered, that will serve you for many years.

  5. We offer full turn key solutions, providing you a Certified, for Medicare Patients business, that provides the services and obtains reimbursements.

  6. We will ensure that your IDTF meets and exceeds these required standards of CMS in order to be certified by medicare for reimbursements: {reference 42 C.F.R section 410.33(g)}

Bills for all mobile diagnostic services that are furnished to a Medicare beneficiary, unless the mobile diagnostic service is part of a service provided under arrangement as described in Section 1861(w)(1) of this act.

Compliance Consultants, Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility Standards, Requirements, Billing, Rules, Regulations, Applications and More, We are The Compliance Doctor providing IDTF Consultants for your successful Medicare Certification with CMS.
If CMS came to your IDTF tomorrow, how well would you do in demonstrating your compliance to CMS rules and regulations?  Not sure, see this checklist of questions that CMS routinely uses to evaluate the compliance of existing IDTFs.


Get expert advise on getting enrolled with your local Medicare Administrative Carrier (MAC) as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF). 

We ensure that you:


IDTF Problem Resolution:

Application denials
Requests for additional information
Claims rejections or denials
Compliance violations
Application Appeals

We have gone through the CMS training for IDTFs in order to serve the surveyors for the California Region, our certificate as evidence to this training with a score of 100%.

Client Reviews
Matthew Hall, MD Ortho

The team at this company are all very bright, and full of passion for what they do. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Iglesio Pnerdani

Troy hooked me up on a package deal of new surgical equipment that saved me an estimated 60,000.00 - That's customer service!

Cathy Chillism, VP

Troy Lair and his firm were wonderful to deal with. I obtained my scopes with speed and perfection. They continue to be a source for more purchases for me and my practice.

Christopher Chung, MD Plastic Surgery

Generous donation of his time and expertise, along with incredible deals on surgical equipments. Excellent resource for any surgical practice in need of accreditation or equipments.

Donna Volk, MD

I hired Troy and the compliance doctor to assist me at obtaining accreditation for my gastro/endo center. This was the smartest thing I have ever done, I could have in no way been able to accomplish what they did in such a remarkable time and half the cost of other service providers. Thank you Troy, you did a wonderful job.

Angel Samvalian

we hired Troy to do our surgery center accreditation and medicare certification, Troy and his staff was wonderful. They assisted us at transitioning from AAAHC/IMQ to the Joint Commission. Needless to say we passed with flying colors and we did so well, I cannot imagine ever using anyone else. It was brilliantly done all because of the compliance doctor, llc.

Rehiem N, Congregate Facility Owner

You guys were great! I appreciated most how you advised us for the beginning in the set up of our business and the buying of the house. Your expertise in this field is highly regarded and appreciated. Good Job Man!

Lia M. A Congregate Facility Owner

Troy, today we received our license for the CLHF. I was so happy it got to us so quickly, I did not have the time to even follow up with them to its expected date for delivery. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the way you handled this project, you provided us with more confidence and courage to take on this battle, and we did it all because of you. Thank you again. stay in Touch. Lia

Carolyn Conboy, President LA Beauty Works

Troy is, in few words, an absolute gem. He is hardworking, likeable, trustworthy, always willing to provide a helping hand and very astute in his knowledge of his profession. I do not hesitiate whatsoever giving him a very positive recommendation. Please feel free to contact me regarding this matter.

Dr. Daniel Golshani, Plastic Surgeon

Troy Lair helped us immensly in achieving AAAHC Certification. I will continue to seek his help in the future.